At L Jean USA our mission is to encourage all women to “Live Above Average” by delivering high quality, trend conscious slacks to tall women across the globe. We are dedicated to providing a unique retail experience through our website, social media content and copy, while focusing on fair profits for business growth and sustainability. We move about our business with our customers in mind and will continue to keep open communication with our customers through all that we do. We also strive to maintain a creative, fair, diverse, work environment for our employees, where new ideas are encouraged, dialogue is constant, and hard work is respected. We also seek philanthropy opportunities that focus on women empowerment and social change.




Live Above Average
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L Jean USA

Live Above Average


The Motivation

My name is Whitney Coyour, Owner, L Jean USA.  I am 6 feet tall and have always had an entrepreneurial spirit. My background is international transportation, logistics, and trade compliance and I have been doing this for almost 2 decades. So, needless to say, with my business background, before starting out on this journey, I would have to come up with a great idea.


My brainstorming sessions left me feeling a bit discouraged because I wanted a business that provided value and would sustain and compete in the market. Most importantly though, this business would allow me to join a community of women that is making a difference in the world, whether large or small.  In addition, I wanted to create a business that would allow me to express my creativity, be authentic, and encourage and inspire all women to do the same.


After thinking about the business I would create for almost a year and constantly asking the questions; What inspires me? What do I like to see?  What websites do I frequent the most and why? What do I like to talk about? What need in society can I successfully fill that would allow me to do the things that are most important to me, but most of all, how would this translate into the needs of my target customer.

Still not totally there, but almost, I had just been offered a new job that would require me to dress in business attire, more business casual than straight business and since it was winter I started looking for slacks on the internet (knowing I would not find anything at the mall). I am telling you, I looked high and low for slacks that I thought were trendy and classic that I could wear over the years and they still look fabulous. I did find some but was not impressed by style or fit of the slacks. I have yet to find a pair of slacks that can be worn with flats or heels, that also, fit my waist and hips, with the right inseam all in one pair of slacks. Either they are too big in the waist, to baggy in the hips, looks like I’m carrying extra baggage in the crouch (Uh Oh), or they didn’t meet my ankle.

At last, there it was, I will create a business that focuses on bringing slack designs to tall women 5’10 and above. When this hit me, it felt so natural, because I have been living out this drama all of my life. It was a great feeling. I already understand the needs of my target customer because I am my target customer.

So, there you have it, my goal is to fill the gap between ready to wear long slacks and the not so fashionable long slack.

I am excited about our tall girl community and am looking forward to engaging with you ladies. I wake every day loving this journey and my hope is that you will join me.

Live Above Average
Love Y’all

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