At L Jean USA our mission is to encourage all women to “Live Above Average” by delivering high quality, trend conscious slacks to tall women across the globe. We are dedicated to providing a unique retail experience through our website, social media content and copy, while focusing on fair profits for business growth and sustainability. We move about our business with our customers in mind and will continue to keep open communication with our customers through all that we do. We also strive to maintain a creative, fair, diverse, work environment for our employees, where new ideas are encouraged, dialogue is constant, and hard work is respected. We also seek philanthropy opportunities that focus on women empowerment and social change.




Live Above Average


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Starting out as an entrepreneur has the allure and excitement of watching Tyra Bank’s flamingo catwalk for Victoria Secret, and chile’, you know that shit was fierce! For me, that scary and exciting feeling that I get in my stomach when I think about building my business brick by brick and reaching my ultimate goal, is the same adrenaline rush that I am sure Tyra felt as she stomped holes in that damn catwalk, honey.


Beginning though, is where I think so many people get discouraged. People get overwhelmed thinking about all the details. Details, of course are important, but you cannot let the details paralyze you into not beginning. I was talking with a friend recently about successful people and why some reach for their dreams and others do not. I think for some, it does not even occur to them that their dreams are a possibility. As if greatness is something that only other’s can obtain.  I totally feel the opposite of that though, if you just start, right then and there, all the things you need to know will reveal themselves. I am personally scared to death! I am afraid of the possibilities of failure and I am also afraid of some of the things that will come with success. If you want to know why, let’s have a deeper conversation about it. Seriously, message me and we can discuss! 😀


But, before you even have failures to cry over or successes you proudly wear on your sleeve, you have to start, not next week, not a year or two from now, right now. You have to be present and engaged. You have to live above average, in everything you do. You have to get in the game and stay there. I do not believe there are certain people in this world that just have “it”. I think we all have it, we just have to channel our inner Tyra and stomp the shit out of the road on our journey to fulfilling our dreams. Each day, with every action you take to work on your business, you are getting closer to your dreams!!  What are you doing every day to help get you closer?


Live Above Average


Love Y’all!



  • Camille Jackson
    February 13, 2017

    Hello Whitney! It was a pleasure meeting you at the brunch yesterday. I wish you well on your endeavors and look forward to the launch! You have my support. I am reaching for my dreams as well!! I recently hosted a Vision Board Social/Service and it was well received!! After attending the brunch I walked away feeling liberated, empowered and inspired. I am looking forward to utilizing my gifts and talents to contribute to the tall community as well!! Keep in touch, maybe I can attend your launch party!!

    Continue Standing Tall
    ~Camille Jackson~

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