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Live Above Average

Hashtag Tall Girl Problems

At L Jean USA our tagline is Live Above Average. It’s amazing to live above average but it comes with its set of challenges that only tall women would understand. Over the last couple of months we’ve asked for feedback on some of the challenges tall women are faced with. Our followers had a lot to say. In this article we will be exploring some of your comments and to let you know we are right here with you!


An anonymous writer said:


“everywhere I go people stare at me. At the grocery store, to the gym. I am not physically deformed or have a handicap, I am tall… that’s all. Standing way above the average height for both men and women, I stand out among the crowd. I’m learning to love when I catch you looking at me.”


We posted this on L Jean’s Intagram page and it got responses like, “bravo,” and “love that quote.” One person said “OMG everywhere I go they stare and when they ask me how tall I am I say “6ix1derful.”  We love that response, you go girl!


It did not take too long to find out what some of our tall ladies struggle with. Let’s look at what another follower said, can you relate?


“Yes I am tall. No I don’t play basketball. Yes, the weather up here is nicer and yes seeing the top of everyone’s head is weird. No I don’t find short guys attractive. And no my legs don’t fit under my desk. Nice Chat.”



We love this! It is like the writer made my inner-asshole rear her ugly head. How many times have you been greeted by someone and they ask you have you played basketball? Ok, yes, I played basketball, but I most certainly could have been a model, or ballerina, or gymnast, or engineer too, right? One follower quoted, “I can’t help that God chose me to stand out”. Girl, YES!


We forgot to mention the tall guy problem in the dating game, where for art thou?!


We shared a chart on our page that showed how your straight leg jeans should fit. What we uncovered is that most retailers’ pants do not fit according to this chart. Our followers had some things to say about that.



            “99% of stores around here only sell jeans that are up to 32”… makes it very hard to find nice pants.”

“An inseam of 32 is usually ok for me. Still a length most retailers don’t offer.”

“Thank goodness for online shopping! Where was it in the 80’s when all I wanted were a pair of stir-ups?!?!”

“I wear 36 inseam which is near impossible to find.”

 “That chart is a joke! I need 38” inseam and anything else looks like “flood” pants!!!!” 


What this chart uncovered was much more than how straight leg pants should fit. What it discovered is that some retailers are still missing the mark. Although many stores offer “tall,” sizes, they are still not quite long enough. Some of our readers range from 5’11”-6’9”, that chart is not going to cut it. We feel your pain ladies.


We asked where you shop, inside the mall and in-stores. We were not shocked by the responses. The majority of their responses were that most shopping has to be done online. Many major department stores do sell pants in tall sizes, however, you can forget about going to grab a last minute pair of pants at most stores. We too are an online retailer, but we also understand how disappointing it feels to walk into a store, go to the tall section and still not find pants with our inseam, or worse, find out that all of the pants in our sizes are not even in the store.



The struggle may very well be real when it comes to skinny jeans, wide leg pants, and shopping in the tall section at the local department store, but we have heard you loud and clear. L Jean USA is an online retailer,

so, we cannot yet bring pants to each one of your closest department stores. However, we can assure you that your pants will fit you the way that they should, no matter your inseam. The great news is that it won’t be long before you’ll have a pair that you will love. Click here to see where we are in the process.


Through all of your comments, I have discovered how great of a need it is for us to craft the best pair of tall pants possible. But, we have also uncovered a confidence that is reigning amongst the tall women on our feed, as it should. Look at how we are embracing our inner models! Responses to our post, “Besides, you can’t help that you were born a model!”





“Yaaas… we’re just cool like that, we can’t help it.”


“That’s right.”



This would not have been possible without all of your feedback and comments, so, thank you and keep it coming. If you have encountered any of these challenges before or have your own experience, comment below using #tallgirlproblems, and if you are proud of the tall woman that you are comment below using #bornamodel. If you are not following us on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, and want to be a part of the commentary, be sure to click the link to follow.

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