At L Jean USA our mission is to encourage all women to “Live Above Average” by delivering high quality, trend conscious slacks to tall women across the globe. We are dedicated to providing a unique retail experience through our website, social media content and copy, while focusing on fair profits for business growth and sustainability. We move about our business with our customers in mind and will continue to keep open communication with our customers through all that we do. We also strive to maintain a creative, fair, diverse, work environment for our employees, where new ideas are encouraged, dialogue is constant, and hard work is respected. We also seek philanthropy opportunities that focus on women empowerment and social change.




Live Above Average

Hey My Lovely Tall Ladies!

Hey my lovely tall ladies! My name is Whitney Coyour and I am the founder and owner of L Jean USA. We are in the process of creating Tre’ Classic slack designs made specifically for tall women, 5”10 and above.

Initially I wanted to start our blog with an elaborate piece, but have decided to write from my heart and let you know why I have decided to start out on this journey.

Ok, I know what you’re thinking, “blah, blah, blah”, but let me finish. This is not going to be a post about how my life was a total disaster because I couldn’t find slacks growing up and how my confidence suffered as a result. Or, that I got teased because I had on high waters one day (LOL!! That made me chuckle!! Do they even call them high waters anymore?) Ok, not at all, that’s is not what this post is about. But, let me start by saying, yes, I am six feet tall and I do have issues with the rise, fit, and inseam lengths of ready to wear clothing at the mall. Most importantly though, through my research, I realized I have tall sisters all over the world that have the same problem, but that is not the only reason I am starting the brand.

As I brainstormed ideas for this post, I started thinking about how my line fits into this genre of clothing for tall women. I realized, at L Jean USA, we do not do ALL clothing, we do slacks, trendy, classic slacks or “Tre’ Classic” as I like to call them. My mission is get it right with the fit, feel, and look, and have every tall woman in the world walking into her office, that meeting, or a night out with the girls, looking and feeling amazing! Ladies, throw on a pair of heels (yes tall women – rock them heels) and a fabulous blouse, showing up and showing out, for all to see (even though we really can’t be missed – LOVE THAT about us!!). And, why not? It’s been long enough that we have waited for trendy slacks that fit our bottoms, hips, and leg lengths the way they we want, and damn it, deserve!!

So, there it is, I am tall, a woman, and love looking good in what I wear. When I try on a pair of slacks, I want to feel like Emeril Lagasse, “BAM! Aww, yeah babe!!!”, and that is what I want for every tall woman in the world and that is why I am bringing these designs for my tall ladies to life. I want you to walk in the room and take that mug OVER! (Ok, I just got goosebumps!)

Ladies, “Live Above Average” is more than our tagline at L Jean USA, it is our way of life, and we encourage all women to “Live Above Average” in everything you do, starting with your slacks!!

Love y’all and talk to you soon!

P.S. my lovely ladies, make sure you enter your email address to sign up for upcoming news about the brand and, please post any comments below!! I can’t wait to start having dialogue with you ladies (OMG, goosebumps again!).

P.S.S. And yes, that’s me in the back of the picture.


  • Kelly Smith
    August 12, 2016

    Kelly – I’m so proud of you. Follow your dreams..

  • Gladine S.
    September 1, 2016

    Can’t wait!! When will you start selling your slacks?

  • Lynn Alexander
    September 3, 2016

    Hey Whitney, dreams really do come true. I’m so proud that you are fulfilling yours. You definitely deserve it and more.

  • Giovanna Payne-Smith
    September 17, 2016

    As a woman, I am proud and excited to see you embark on this journey! You are definitely on your way to your destiny! This business is perfect for you and is obviously a true God idea! Keep stepping boldly into your future helping women and girls show their beauty and embrace and love their height!

  • Victoria F-Y
    October 7, 2016

    Thank you for creating this line! I’m excited to support you and tonget an awesome pair of slacks that fit! Thanks for your recent follow of me on Instagram (@shesewtall) ?

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