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Live Above Average

Did you know that women can now wear slacks?

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Hello my Tall Sisters!

We know, long pants or slacks are hard to find but the mere choice of wearing slacks has not always been a privilege afforded to women. Although difficult to fathom today, women, for centuries, had to fight for the right to wear trousers.


As hard to believe as it is, acceptable clothing for women in the early days consisted of dresses, heavy skirts, and corsets. In the early 19th century, women that wore pants were ridiculed, harassed, and sometimes even arrested if they ventured to dawn them in public. Often times, women would have to dress and act as men to be accepted to schools and for employment opportunities. I remember watching a movie in the early 80’s starring Barbara Streisand called Yentl. In this story Barbara Streisand portrays a girl living in early 20th century Poland. Yentl Mendel, decides to live her life as a man in order to attend school. This movie resonated with me. Although, I felt sadness by the realization of the actual and implied limitations imposed on women, I also felt compelled and permitted to be who I wanted to be even in my differences.


Being tall, even in my preteen years (twelve years old and 5’8), resembled living in these early times where slacks could only be worn by men (or women 5”7 and below), since for me, in order to wear a pair of slacks or jeans, they had to be purchased from the men’s department.


When I think about this time and how far we have come as women, I feel empowered and thankful for the women before us that had to bear the burden of forward thinking. These women continued pushing boundaries so that women of generations after them would not have to endure these same limitations. Thank you to all the ladies who have sacrificed for us. Your contribution to the movement of women is truly appreciated.   


While we can now wear whatever we want as women, wearing a great pair of slacks, makes me feel powerful. My hope is when you purchase slacks from L Jean USA, you feel that same power, embrace your uniqueness, and celebrate your tallness, as our slacks are made with your empowerment in mind. 


Ladies continue to Live Above Average!


Love Y’all!! XOXOXOXO





  • Lisa
    September 23, 2016

    Hi! Will you sell wholesale to boutiques?

  • CoolBeanz
    October 18, 2016

    This is good!!!! Really good!!!

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