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A Year and a Half Later – Tall Pants are Closer than Ever

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A year and a half later – Tall Pants are Closer than Ever


Almost a year and a half ago I started L Jean USA and tall pants are closer than ever. Creating this company is one of the best decision I have ever made. Little did I know though, when embarking on this journey that starting a company creating tall pants would be almost as hard as trying to find new pants with a 36-inch inseam with two hours left before the ball (where are you fairy Godmother!). ?


I know you have been patiently waiting for the arrival of our pants and I appreciate you! As my first supporters, you are very near and dear to me, and I thought it was only right to include you into the journey. So here it goes….


Let’s face it, we are the minority when it comes to fashion! If you ladies knew how many samples I have had to send back, you might laugh; I actually dream about samples! During the beginning stages, there were several drives to Chicago to meet with design consultants, pattern makers, fabric vendors, and countless sample fittings to keep the ball rolling. But we are headed downhill now!


A Little Extra Material 


As a tall woman, there is nothing worse than having extra material in the rise of the crotch which happens because the ankle to hip ratio doesn’t align with that of a real tall woman’s figure. Being someone who understands the struggle, I have been committed to ensuring my pants fit you perfectly.


So far, I have been able to conquer the rise dilemma. However, during the sampling process, I found another dilemma. The only way I can describe it is, pocket overlapping. No matter what happened, my samples kept coming to me with this fold at the bottom of the pockets; It drove me insane! A large portion of the sampling stage has been trying to fix the pocket issue.


Where are we now?


This intention of this post is to fill you in on what has been happening in the world of L Jean USA. The issue of the overlapping pockets has been fixed, we have digitized the pattern and are moving into manufacturing next week. I am loving the material and overall fit and design of the wide leg pant; this tall wide leg pant is EVERYTHING and I just know you are going to love them also.


After working with several manufacturers and trying to stay true to brand, I believe we are on the right track. The materials of the pants and the fit are divine, and I cannot wait for you to have your own pair. We will have inseams, of 36, 38, and 40 inches, sizes 6 to 20 for all inseams so I’m sure we will be able to accommodate most women 5’11 and above.


We are also planning our first photoshoot and will be holding a casting call for tall models very soon.
Additionally, there will be a monthly blog on our site about tall women’s fashion, tips, and L Jean USA, so, be sure to stay tuned. You can also find us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


Thank you all for your continued support!



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